Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the US, from data collected by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Each year 44, 193 Americans die from it, and on average, there are 121 suicides a day. As of 2015, 18.5% of suicides were by below under the age of 20 to 34 years of age, and it is the second leading cause of death for youth aged 15 – 24.

There are many underlining factors for depression, diagnosing it psychological such as a pre-existing mental condition, or environmental, arising from the byproduct of issues such as bullying, lack of self of esteem, etc.

The millennial generation is steadily becoming the largest generation in the modern world today. As previous generations age, we enter a time in social economics and dependencies in which the millennial generation is the future. The future of business; technology; education; art, and reform: the millennial generation is taking over for its predecessors in these areas. Generation Y issued the era of technological advancement and discovery; and it’s successors will likewise be Generation Z, youth born from 1996 onward.

The Hope Project is an artistic collaboration with a publication goal of mid 2018 – late 2018. The Hope Project is aimed to bring awareness to bullying, depression, and suicide in the generations Y and Z. The goal is to bring awareness to this social pandemic and hope. The target submission goal is 200 collaborators for this project, and the publication platform is Lightswitch Press, but that may be changed later on down the line. The goal is to publish The Hope Project as an e-read, which will then become hard/paper back once it sells 100 copies.
Submissions welcomed are:
* personal narratives
* poetry
* photography
* prose
* fiction
* art
The minimum submission requirement is two submissions per collaborator, which includes a short bio. submission requirements may be discussed based on submission type and length .
One submitted, submissions will under go peer review and editing, before becoming finalized for compilation. The Hope Project will be compiled with these submissions, bios, factual information about the effects of depression on today’s youth, and a list of those that have been victimized; this project is to bring awareness and tribute in their honor.
For more information, please message Lexi Marie or Marie Meyers via Facebook, or e-mail at You may also go to to see the original guise of The Hope Project.
Submission deadline estimated early or late spring of 2018.

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