Please Don’t Leave Me Yet


We decided to remain just friends – looking the other way at the undeniable sexual and emotional tension between us to keep our fragile peace of mind from shattering,
the soft look I reserve just for you, you pretend not to notice, and I act as if I’m unaware that there’s a tender emotion inside you reserved just for me; just friends, because the Universe won’t let us be anything but. We met too late, there’s no time to go the pace we’d like, because Life is moving way too quickly now that we’re getting older.

Just friends, because you’re covered in so many scars, you don’t see what I see when I say you’re fine and beautiful this way; just friends, because you couldn’t pull me closer if I was anything but.

Please, don’t leave me yet — I’m speaking aloud to these sensations I only seem to feel while you’re around. Please don’t leave me yet, I’m not easily swayed by Love, because He and I have never been close friends, but you leave me absolutely breathless; I can’t remember the last time I felt this way. The closer we become to one another, the more I’m certain that I can handle the violence and volatile feelings inside you. You’re a universe that was meant to be known to me; I’m synchornizing my heart beat to yours.

Don’t leave yet — I’m speaking to the lingering sensations you feel, when it’s just the two of us in your car at 2AM, not saying a word, but the feel of my fingers in your hair and your steady breathing conveys so much between us. Is it only coincidence that there’s a bond this strong between us? I find it hard to believe. I don’t think I’m wrong: there’s a happy ending in blending me with you. The pain, fear, and lonliness you feel — if you give it to me, you’ll forget the feeling of loss, for the very first time; the universe within me is brighter and filled with more hope — I’ll let you inside and show you that color can exist within an otherwise bleak world.

Please don’t leave me yet, the sense of loss I feel at the idea of parting from you, saddens me beyond words. If we’re star crossed lovers, our souls were once in love; my body is a vessel for my soul’s re-incarnated prayers for your happiness; the hidden colors in my otherwise bleak world–that I’ve uncovered thanks to you — I too will illuminate the crevices and dark corners hidden in the deepest parts of you.

Don’t leave me yet again, to wait even more lives, alone, for you. Just like in our lives before, the closer I get to you, the more convinced I am that I can’t leave you.

So don’t leave me yet.

Copyright Marie Meyers, 2017. All Rights Reserved. Photo Credit: Zachavelli Photography

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