by Alexis Marie

Are we fated to be faithful, or fateful?
Might not make any sense to you,
but I’ve been spending my days
about forever lately..
Forever loved or forever alone,
Forever remembered,
or forever forgotten;
if I died today,
would I miss this place,
and would anyone miss me
when I was gone?
…Would you?

I’ve been spending my nights
tossing and turning lately,
because you haven’t been beside me
to become one with me–
–I haven’t merged our souls,
moulded our bodies so perfectly
that we can’t tell where
my skin ends, or
where yours begins…

I miss tracing your shape
with my eyes and my fingers,
memories tease and torment–
–did you know
when we recall a memory
it’s a distorted representation
of what actually was?
— nothing is better
than the real thing,
and waiting
to see you again is agonizing;
time can’t go by quick enough
and yet,
I feel like it’s going too fast,

what if I die before we kiss again?
Before you tell me you love me again?
And it makes me wonder:
maybe when it comes to us
there will never be enough time,
always too little or too much;
Greedy and possesive I know,
but only when I’m in your arms
does time seem to stand still
at the right time
and in the right way.

Dangerous, really–

We can become
the embodiement of bliss,
or this could all go up in flames.
The stakes are so high
no matter what the outcome,
and either way,
we become lost to each other..

If I died right now,
how much pain would you feel?
Would your skin betray your fury,
would your heart
bleed through your skin;
would you cry for me?

Would you leave your soul
with me
for safe keeping,
and so that
I would never forget you?

Would you forget me?

I wonder all this now
in a single moment
as I think about
the chocolate of
your skin
and your almond
shaped eyes,

and the
curve of your lips–
–your deep chuckle in my ear,
as you ask me
why my mind is so far away
when your’e right beside me..

You tell me to pay attention
to the things you’re saying,
but my mind
can’t help but wander,
because I feel both so happy
right now
with you here,
and so very much afraid
of this malicious happiness.

I want to kiss you,
I turn my head to capture
your lips with my own
as you’re mid sentence–
–youre eager, and soon
our bodies speak to one another;

And it’s just as well,
because I was so lost in
my love for you,
that I can’t recall
what you were speaking on;
and now, hopefully, you can’t either . . .

©Marie Meyers, 2017. All Rights Reserved.