same dark devoid (first edit) 

by Alexis Marie

​you’re standing on the edge looking over: i’m looking up at your silhouette, if you jumped i could catch you in my arms,

you’re teetering on your heels, if you slip you’ll crush us both, stuck between my desire for your balance or watching you fall, you’re so unreachable at that height, i bet i’m so small when you look down here,,,

your figure is almost blurry, hard to distinguish, and in the dark you’re just about invisible, the white of your teeth and the glow of your aura is the only indicator i’m not alone in this otherwise empty void, can you see me wave to you or do my digits blend in with this dark? in the night you’re even smaller at that height, i sometimes mistake you for a falling star,,, and wish on you , but then i remember,,, 

– are there more of you up there or are you alone ? – i yell up to ask, but you’re too far to hear me, i’m the only one down here, i don’t dare tell you because then you might not fall here,,, then guilt and bile nauseate me, super·ego says to warn you, i shoo you and shake my head but you can’t see my head move, i honestly want to prolong your longevity but i also low key hope you misinterpret my warnings as invitations,,, some days.,,, 

other days i feel as if we both take comfort in just knowing, there’s more to this , and an end to this,,, and that’s why some days we just sit here in this space, me here and you there, just breathing and sharing lonliness.,,, beautiful, peaceful, contented, quiet days…..

– Copyright Marie Meyers. CanAnybodyHearMeProject. 2017. All Rights Reserved.