– if i were a bird –

by Alexis Marie

​i’m an old soul that becomes young again in the sun / the spring breeze caresses my skin and in those moments i’m an angel / a butterfly / a bird / i’m free to choose my own path and enact my own fate / my heart is open; positive energy flows from my finger tips and is returned to me tenfold / because i’m an angel / a butterfly / a bird 

because my soul is old / the sting of loss is stronger / though my past memories / i’ve yet awakened / their imprint is reincarnated within me / a great wall that pre-existed the moment i was born / a height i can’t peer beyond / enclosing me / the only world i know / a world not known to me / i’m unable to discover / because i’m human / i’m alone 

i don’t know who waits for me / because i can’t break or scale the stone / blocking my vision and hiding my heart / agony / despair / i want to see / i want to know / i want more / for me / than this fate / wings 

my spirit guide / butterflies / transitions and the circle of life / rebirth manifested / i’ve no wings to become new / no chrysalis from which i can emerge / as something more free / and something more loved / however still i wait / to tear down walls others built around my heart / hurt and betrayal became the wall that keeps others away from me / a protection and a danger / it’s better to remain here / than be hurt by someone / i’ve longed to finally see 

but as a bird / i could fly over the wall / hiding my heart / and know once for all / if i’m really alone in this life / to know someone is waiting for the wall to tumble down / waiting to see me free / to accept the love i’ve cultivated my entire life / i wish i were really a bird / so i could know / i’m not alone

©Marie Meyers, 2017. CanAnyBodyHearMe?Project. All Rights Reserved.