by Alexis Marie

Hey guys. Marie Meyers here.

In addition to some of the new writing projects on the site, I have decided to re-launch THE HOPE PROJECT. For those of you who may or may not remember,  THE HOPE PROJECT was an anthology set to be published in 2014. Due to complications the project was discontinued.

My official Facebook statement is as followed:

So I have decided to make THE HOPE PROJECT an open collaboration project on my blog. Rather than just limiting the project to Facebook, I’ve decided to put it up on other forms of social media .

THE HOPE PROJECT was originally intended to inspire hope in individuals suffering from depression. It was intended to honor those we’ve loved and lost to suicide and to bring awareness to those who bully and put down others of the consequences their actions can have on others.

I’ve decided to scout editors for this open collaboration. These editors, along with myself, will edit and post all submissions received and work closely with the writers in question. My goal is to gain enough submissions over the course of a year to compile and re discuss publication options with Light Switch Press.

If anyone is interested, please let me know by contacting on this page or my Marie Meyers page .

In case anyone forgot, THE HOPE PROJECT submissions include poetry, prose, short stories, narratives, personal essays, artwork, etc. More information can be found on my tumblr page,

Please #share the news! Let’s get this underway !

It is my goal, and always have been, to make THE HOPE PROJECT a success. Being a child of the millennial generation, it is hard to see those in my age group victims of depression, suicide, or loss. As one that has struggled with all three, it makes me even more passionate about this movement.

Eventually, I want this collaboration to include testimonies, videos, etc. It is my goal to make THE HOPE PROJECT a mainstream, charitable, non profit cause.

Which brings me to WordPress. This project is one anyone can join. If anyone is interested in joining this cause and bringing change to the future of teens and young adolescents, please contact me. We are seeking contributors, editors, artists, etc.

For more information, simply click on THE HOPE PROJECT tab in the top menu of this blog or click the link I will display below to be directed.

If interested, please like, comment, and share! If we all join together, we can bring hope to those who feel hopeless. Thank you all again! I love you very much :-*

– Marie Meyers, 2017. (Copyright THEHOPEPROJECT, Marie Meyers. All Rights Reserved.)