Lessons Learned The Hard Way (Lesson 1)

by Alexis Marie

I’m just not gonna be cool with any of you, and say fuck all of you, and when you all ask me ‘What’s Up?’ I’m gonna just show you my tax returns like ‘Fuck Out My Face Talking To Me.’

Get in your feelings if you want to, it’s called self preservation, and my current mindset is a chicken dinner with that fine china and cutlery; dealing with all of you I’ll pour Crown in the wine glass because champagne won’t be enough for me. I don’t understand why people preach the importance of education, when many of you have the grades, but still act like you don’t know shit…honestly I get astounded with all the stupidity around me – and aren’t some of you with IQ’s high enough to be in Mensa, are you all fucking clowning me? – do you feel the need to sound dumb, because you feel as if you have to? Are you worried no one else will understand the intelligent speech you’d speak, and so you act slow so no one thinks you act like you’re on a pedestal?

Or am I giving you all too much credit?

Perhaps that’s it, because I don’t mind tucking my napkin in my shirt, I don’t mind acting like I’m better than the rest of you, and I don’t mind sounding smarter than all of you, because that’s what it means to be on Mob shit, and I’m bossin’ up with or without the rest of you.

And when I’m sitting on that throne with a crown silver and gold, when you’re bowing down to me, begging me for fortune, let it be a lesson to you, when I tell you, “No”.

A Lesson Learned The Hard Way: Nothing In Life Is Free.


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