Untitled (2015)

by Alexis Marie

Reminiscent for hours before,
not days,
when I shined light on the tangerine brown of your eyes
and saw your soul within.

Nostalgic for the gentle gaze
of which I’ve grown accustomed
— I’m well aware that love
isn’t only proclaimed by eyes.

Paranoiac Personality
doesn’t have me asinine,
rather Life’s a bitch,
and scarcely lets us feel
good enough for anyone,

but she has her moments,
and ours have slipped
through the cracks of
her porcelain masque.

It’s 4 AM.
Though I’d like to, frankly,
pee, I am tethered by our spoon
— afraid to move,
should your subconscious
seek warmth elsewhere —

I can wait till first light.

Marie Meyers, 2016