Suna no Oshiro (2008)

by Alexis Marie

Holding my breath,
Closing my eyes,
I plunge into the grained fortress.
I welcome the feeling
of throwing everything away;
And the sun hits,
It warms me,
I relish in a daze of frozen time.
It’s just me,
The fortress and me,
I feel no troubles.
And then the wind picks up,
The clouds turn gray
And cover the sun,
And the warmth stops.
I open my eyes
as the growing waves engulf my fortress–
Time moves again.
As my troubles return,
I lay there,
Staring at gray clouds;
So cold and wet, I am,
Tinkles of rain fall on my nose, eyes, lips, and face,
And I exhale my breath.
I am so cold and wet,
Yet I relish in it.

Marie Meyers, 2016