Moon Carnation (2008)

by Alexis Marie

So back in 2008, I had wrote my first short story in a purple notebook . It was later thrown away on accident, and only the few chapters I uploaded to the PC remained of it. Below is the first two chapters of said story, only lightly edited so as to retain the original composition of the story.

Moon Carnation (Moon Phase) by Ai Ame [old pen name]

Chapters 1&2&prologue/credits preview


Moon Carnation—

Written for my dearest friends,
Jessica Gilson and Katarina Larson,
As well as inspired by Matsuri Hino, and her manga, Vampire Knight.


John, Drew, Ryu, Lilah Jean, and Lesley stare in horror at what used to be the moon. They stared at the people, their blood tainting the ground. They stared at the castle, destroyed. Lesley started to scream.

“Eiene, Eiene, Eiene!” Lesley cried with tears. “Eiene…”

Ryu went to embrace her, trying to make her tears stop, but still she kept crying, and still she kept calling Eiene’s name.

But what none of them realized, is that the person was too far to reach.

Perhaps it’d make more sense if I started from the beginning. Yes, if I started from the beginning, maybe you would understand Ms. Lesley’s tears. Maybe if I started from the beginning, you would see the thin line one crosses when there is unbalanced pain.

Yes, you will see. You will see what happens when you betray some one with broken wings….

Chapter 1: As the Bud Arrives the Life Cycle Continues; New Bloom

May 30th 6091. Every window on the Moon is closed. For just then, when the sun had set, Sara, Queen of the Moon, died. Only one hour—that God gave her—did she see her newborn child…
“She will be of grace and I can see it now, Eiene will be this planet’s beautiful flower!” exclaimed Sara.
“Yes, it suits her, doesn’t it, Madam Dante?”
“Oh, yes,” Madam Dante said, “she will be as precious as a Cherry Blossom!” she smiled.
Sara chuckled, “No, Silly!”
“Eiene will be of grace and have the very beauty of an angel. She will be the hope and light of all of the children of the Moon… and she shall make me very proud.”
Then, Queen Sara closed her eyes, and went into her eternal sleep.

Chapter Two: A Man Named John

May 30th 6107, Madame Dante was standing at the bottom of the main hall of the Imperial Castle.

“Eiene! Come, child, we are going to be late for your meeting with Pluto’s King and Queen. Eiene…”

When Eiene didn’t reply or come down the stairs, Madame Dante called for her again.


It was about this time that Walter, Eiene’s confider and butler, spotted Madame Dante.

Walking over to her, he said, “Can I be of assistance, Madame Dante?”

“Oh, yes! Walter, I have no idea what’s taking that girl so long. We have to meet the King and Queen of Pluto!”

“Well, Madame Dante, has it occurred to you that she might not be here?”

“Not be here?

“Yes, Madame Dante. I believe she went to the forest again today.”

“How do you know?”

“I’m her confider.”

Madame Dante looked at Walter. He was tall. He had green eyes, and was 67 years old. His hair was gray, and his skin wrinkly.



“How is it that she can confide in someone like you, but not me?”

“Maybe because I’m understanding?”

“What! Oh, never mind. Just get her for me, okay?”

“Yes, Madame Dante,” Walter said, and he left the Imperial Castle to head for the forest.

Just outside the castle walls, a girl was sitting by a riverbed playing with a fox…
“Try to catch the string! Try to catch the string!” Eiene laughed.
It had been a beautiful spring day and as usual Eiene was playing in the Forest of the Northeast. Playing in the forest had been a great idea to plan out her birthday. She had already looked for wild roses and picked wild berries. She even found a little baby fox in one of the berry patches!
Hmm…today has been wonderful! I love this day! It’s so perfect!

Eiene looked at her new fox. “Today has been wonderful, hasn’t it, Yumi?”
The black and white fox, playing in the riverbed, looked at Eiene. “Muu!” she said as she ran to Eiene.
Eiene laughed, “You sure are cute!”
Eiene laughed again. “Do you want me to play in the river with you?”

“Oh, alright!” Eiene stood up and followed Yumi to the river.
“Ready? One…Two…Three!”
Eiene and Yumi jumped into the river.
“Ah!” laughed Eiene, “The water is really cold!”
“Muu!” agreed Yumi.
“Ha-ha, this is great, Yumi! So far this has been the best—”
“Oh, my!”
Yumi and Eiene looked up. It was Walter.
“Walter! Hey, I didn’t know you knew how to get to the forest!”
“Well, I do.”
“Cool. What’s up?”
“Well, Madame Dante is requesting you…”
“What for?”
“Princess, did you forget? You have a meeting with the King and Queen of Pluto at twelve noon.”
“Uh… it’s after twelve noon, isn’t it, Walter?”
“I’m afraid so, Princess.”
“I’m playing with my new fox in a river when I was supposed to be at the Imperial Castle, getting ready for the meeting.”
“I’m afraid so, Princess.”
“And now I’m late, soaking wet and Madame Dante is going to kill me.”
“Quite so.”
“Walter, can you take Yumi for me?”
Eiene picked up Yumi and got out of the water. Giving Yumi to Walter, Eiene sprinted for the castle
“How many times have I told you to not go to the Forest of the Northeast?”
“I don’t know.”
“You don’t know? I’ll tell you then, too many times!”
When Eiene got back to the castle, Madame Dante was there, sitting on the steps. With a not so happy look on her face, she ordered Eiene to go to the Main Hall.
Now, Eiene is in the Main Hall getting a major scolding.
“I cannot believe you! Why do you always disobey me? I told you that we had a very important meeting with the king and queen of Pluto today. I told you that I wouldn’t bother you, but when we had to leave you had to be ready. And then I come to get you and you’re not even there?! Do you know how worried I was when you didn’t come down when I called you? And then I find out that all this time you were playing in some forest?
“Eiene you are 16 years old as of today. You need to be more responsible. By this time next year, your coronation will begin and you will be crowned, Eiene Biidama, Queen of the Moon. Do you even understand how important that is? Do you even know what that means?”
“Of course I do, you tell me every day!” Eiene said.
“Well, obviously, I haven’t been telling you enough times for you to understand. It’s time for you to stop acting like such a child. You need to grow up understand me? You need to—”
“Goodness, Dante, I think my precious Princess gets the message.”
That Voice!

Eiene looked up. Standing at the top of the steps leading down to the Main Hall, as well as the bedrooms of the castle, was a man.
He had short, spiked-like black hair that went down till about a little past his ears. He was Caucasian, and very tall, about 5’7’. He wore a white suit, which had a black rose on the chest.
Eiene’s eyes widened.
John…John- Sama

“You!” Madame Dante said in disgust looking up at him, “What on earth do you want?”
John stared back at Madame Dante, “Well, I just came down to see my favorite girl…”
Turning his stare away from Madame Dante, he focused his gaze on Eiene.
Ah…John… Eiene thought, caught in his gaze.
“Well, well, well! Let me guess…you’ve come to be the knight in shining armor? Well, you can’t be! She did disobey me, and she should be in trouble for it!”
“I agree, but…” John looked back at Madame Dante and glared at her, “I would disobey, too, especially if a bloated cow tried to keep me on a leash on my birthday.” Then, John turned away to face Eiene again.
“Why, you… how dare you say such a thing to me?! Do not ever—”
“Dante, leave immediately. We will continue this later, but for now… I will deal out her punishment…okay?” John said, barely taking his eyes off Eiene for a second.
Dante looked at John for a moment longer before sighing. “I understand. We shall continue this later, though!” Then she walked up the steps, and passing John she said, “Happy Birthday, Eiene!” Then she made a right, and went down the hall to the last door on the left, which was her bedroom, and slammed the door behind her.
“She’s gone. Finally. Now, Eiene are you alright?”
“Yes, I–I’m fine!”
John walked down the steps slowly. While he was walking, Eiene couldn’t help but admire his grace, and the thought that she was admiring him so made her blush.
“Uh, y-yes?”
Once John had made it down the steps, he sat down in a nearby chair.
“Eiene, come here, please.”
“Okay,” Eiene walked over to John, who was sitting in the seat next to the Main Hall steps.
“Eiene, want to join me?”
“Ah, John! That’s-there is no room for me on a chair!” said an embarrassed Eiene.
“Ah, but I know how to make a way….”
John grabbed Eiene and pulled her onto him.
“Eiene…I haven’t seen you all day. I missed you, you were gone all day.” John said quietly, cuddling up to her.
“Yes, I’m sorry. I just really wanted to go to the forest today.”
Yes….I’m sorry….
Eiene wrapped her arms around John. “I’m sorry, John. Please forgive me….”
John’s grip that was holding her tightened.
“I cannot forgive you with just an apology. You… have to do… something for me…” John whispered in her ear, as he started to lick her neck.
“Yeah, I understand… John….” Eiene said as she closed her eyes.
Meanwhile, Dante laid down in her room, fully aware of what was going on below her.
“How dare you! Such incompetence… John…you fool…”

“Who are you to her? You are no one! You are not the one Sara gave permission to be called her guardian! It is I, not you, understand?”
“Oh really?” John grabbed Madame Dante’s wrist and pinned her against the door.
“Last time I checked, you were only my replacement. Or have you truly forgotten?”
He looked into Madame Dante’s brown eyes, and caused pain to head. Madame Dante started to wince, “J-John…”
“I will not tolerate such behavior from a vampire like you. Don’t you forget your place in this world. Your place in society. Who you are to me. Understand?” John let go of Madame Dante’s wrist, and looking away from her, he maneuvered himself to the window behind his desk.
Madame Dante sighed in relief that the pain she had felt inside of her had disappeared.
Bowing down to John, she said, “Yes, I understand. I don’t understand why she means so much to you, though. I mean she’s just a—”
“Dante! Leave, now!” He said, frustrated.
Madame Dante bowed to John again. “Yes, forgive me…Master….” Then Madame Dante stood up, and left John’s room.
The words Madame Dante said to him filled his head.
“I don’t understand why she means so much to you, though. I mean she’s just a—”


“Yes… she is just a human, Dante. But she is a lot more than that to me. Eiene is my dear girl…the only person so dear to me…and the only one I love…” John said into the night.
AEN: Can you tell how nerdy I am? Did you get any YuMe vibes in there? Anyway, I actually really liked the dynamic of this story! Maybe I’ll rewrite this! Hoped you enjoy this!
Marie Meyers, 2016