Akuma no Sonata (2008)

by Alexis Marie

Days of hunger,

Days of Dreaming,

Days of loneliness,

Anguish and Weeping;

I called out to you,

With a inner plea I knew you’d never hear.

I called to you,

Though I knew,

You could no longer hear my heart;

And I watched over you,

Brooding underneath my eyes,

Hesitant underneath my smiles,

Broken on the inside–

With shaking hands I touched you–


For only the sake of your innocence.

Like the beast I am inside my heart,

I waited for my caterpillar to undergo her chrysalis;

Waiting impatiently.

Hungering for the day,

When my butterfly would fly,

Into the palm of my hand,

And so very tenderly–

Like the rose in Aido’s garden–

I would hold you,

And crush you.

And devour you,


Savoring every part of you,

And tainting you;

Making me apart of you,

And you apart of me–

Making you mine again.

Marie Meyers, 2016