Waiting At The Hospital, Hands Are Shaking, (& I’ll Never Get Used To This)

by Alexis Marie

​We Make Time For The Things That We Want – (You Still Claim You Never Wanted Me To Leave) – You Made More Time Searching For Validation,, 

I Cried While We Fucked That Night;; You Had Time To Salvage   Two Years Of Memories & Over A Dozen Promises;; The Way You Came,, To Degrade Me,, Ejaculation,, Slime,, Coating My Ear, My Hair, & My Cheek Like A Second Skin –

I Cried While I Tried To Scrub Away.  

It Wasn’t Over Until It Was Over,, You Had Time To Salvage, Two Years Of Memories & Over A Dozen Promises,, 

The Doctor Seems Surprised I’ve Never Seen A Speculum,, He Tells Me To Relax When He Pushes It Inside,, He Opens Me Up To See If Anything Inside Me Can Be Salvaged;; But We’re Broken Now.  

– Marie Meyers,  2016