Sipping Tea/Sip On Tea

by Alexis Marie

 If You’re Telling Lies Keep It Consistent,, Tell Me I’m Trippin’ Then Tell Me You Miss Me?,, Call It Wishful Thinking Then Claim To Caught Feelings??,, Say That You Don’t Need It Then Say That You Need Me???,,

You’re Not Playin’ Me If I’ve Got Everything You Need,, ‘Cause You’re Clownin’ On Yourself ‘Cause She Can’t Give You What You Need,, So You’re Playin’ You,, Not Me,,  ‘Cause You Keep Coming Back To Me,, & Since You Always Stumble Back To Me I Just Wait,,, Sipping Tea,,, 

& Why You Heavy Fighting This?,, Things Would Be Better For Us Both If You’d Just Say You’re Down For This,, You Wanna Do You,, No Complications,, But You Can’t Find Someone That Does The Things I Do,, Somewhat Complicated,, But They Don’t Love You Like I Do,, Somewhat Complicated,, & If I’m Cake You’re Eating Too,, You’ve Made It Complicated,, 

& You Always Act Brand New,, Always Saying Something New,, Always Try To Change The Game On Me,, I Don’t Trust The Words You Say To Me,,, I See The Things You Do Instead,, The Way You Move To My Respective Place,,  The Way You Step Into My Space,, & Your Eyes Linger On My Lips – So Would You Like A Taste? 

& Since You’re Stepping Into Me,, Don’t Step Away From Me,,, & Since You’re Angled For A Kiss,, Just Admit You Can’t Stay Away From Me,,,…