by Alexis Marie

​I Look In Your Eyes And See Treason,, 

& Your Mouth Moves & You Talk That Shit Like You Got That Voice Of Reason;

Promises Like Checks That Can’t Be Cashed,,

….Your Weight’s Not Up, A Waste Of Breath….

A Waste Of Mine,, A Waste Of Time,, When Time Is Money, 

A Waste Of Time,, A Waste Of Mine,, & Time Is Money But You Can’t Afford Me

Pauses And Stretches Of Tense Silence Marred By The Spanse of Stilted Speech,,

Your Words Jumble & Your Tongue Stumbles, Vocabulary Limited,, Excuses Demand More Than You Can Provide – You Search The Thesaurus On Your Phone & Stall For Time,, But By The Look Of The Whites Of Your Pockets, You’ve Not Enough Money To Process,,… 

You Ask For A Loan & That Weight & Those Words I Give, You Give Back To Be Processed…; 

You Ask Me: ¬Where Are You Now When I Need You?¬,, I Say To You:  ¬Where Were You Then When I Needed You?¬

©Marie Meyers, 2016