A Banana Tree, With Peppers

Title: A Banana Tree, with Peppers (Title Pending)

Work Type: Short Story

Style: Poetry, Prose, Narrative, Illustration, Prompt

Summary: Pending

Genre: TBD

Completed: W.I.P. (Work In Progress)

Current Chapter: 1


A Banana Tree, with Peppers

Chapter 1:

She’s staring at herself as she cries.

She’s still naked.

It’s been fifteen minutes.

The faucet is still running, and the sound of the rushing water is just loud enough to drown out the sound of her whimpers.

She immediately rushed to his bathroom after their sex, crying, to scrub away the ejaculation from her face, ears, and hair.

He threw her a towel and told her to stop crying now that it was over, told her to hurry up because he had work in the morning.

She’d thoroughly cleaned and dried off both her vagina and face.

She can still feel him inside her;

she can still taste him.

 she still feels the warmth from his cum on her skin.



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