Marie Meyers – Untitled

by Alexis Marie


They said it’s all in the mind,

this desperation,

leaving me quivering,

unable to handle the flow of this

melancholic soliloquy;


I can’t stand in a crowded room without feeling like the spot light’s on me.

I can’t stand in an empty room without hoping someone will walk through the door,

because I feel so alone.



just want


I don’t know the name for…


instant gratification;

the pleasure of sharing the night with another person and the emptiness when dawn breaks and they’re gone.

Or maybe something a little less defined like,

waking up and realizing I’m the only one left alive.


I can see this alternate reality.

With rusted swing sets;

without children,

they aren’t used in years,

except by me,

while I

kick with my feet to gain momentum,

and reach my hands out to the sky and to



They say this feeling is only in the mind but,

I feel it in my heart.


~ Heart Sessions – Spoken Word, 2016