The Rain

by Alexis Marie


The Rain

Today, should be a nice day, however, it’s raining. Steadily, consistently. It’s a constant flow of water that hasn’t slowed or picked up momentum since 9 this morning. It reminds me of years before, when I lived in Olympia, WA. If you’ve heard anything at all, you know it allegedly rains a lot in Washington State. This is true. There were so many times the sun would end up hidden behind a gray cloud or two for minutes, or hours; then again, sometimes no clouds would cover it at all, and it would rain while the sun was shining. today is not one of those times, but rather the former—a gray overcast with humid air and light rain. 

I wouldn’t really mind it much if i’d brought an umbrella with me today when I left the house. As soon as I had stepped outside to catch the bus I knew it was going to rain but I didn’t go back inside to grab my umbrella because I didn’t want to be late. I didn’t want to stay home longer than I  needed to and I wanted to leave, so i left, thinking to myself that perhaps I would miss the rain for the few hours I’d be gone from my home. I was wrong. and I  guess i’m saying I  wish I had brought an umbrella, and I suppose that means i’m dreading the fact that I didn’t. But there’s also a part of me that doesn’t really mind much. 

The reason I don’t really mind much is because I had been told by someone earlier this week that it was supposed to rain today. Then, this morning, I stepped outside and the first thing I noticed was the foreshadowing overcast. However, I still made the conscience decision to risk the weather. Even though I knew full well I needed an umbrella this morning, I didn’t grab one, effectively putting myself in this situation all on my own. 

If you detected any metaphors, alliterations, and double meanings in the above sentences, you’re very astute with plays on words.

copyright Marie Meyers, 2016