False Emotion (Edit 1)

by Alexis Marie

I won’t cower.

I won’t be afraid,
to say the entirety of the intentions of my being.

the chemically produced
brainwaves, misdiagnosed as “emotion”
–because it would sound too inhuman to say
feelings aren’t human after all,

but man made perception of mental reaction —

(Let me get on track before my tangent leaves you bored.)

Back to the flow of this,
the feeling known as “love”…
It isn’t real,
just a mental process Science named, to
cut through the haze
of having no answers to explain the pain when
tears fall.

Heartbreak isn’t real.
So I’m not afraid.
I won’t cower behind
resignation, I’ve got nothing to walk away from.

When before you is everything you could have ever wanted,
and it seems to test your patience,
and alter your principles;

when one is reluctant to change, you’ve got to ask yourself if your goals are worth it.

Are they worth it?

What are we doing this for?

Is it worth it?

I don’t know what I’m
running away from.

copyright Marie Meyers, 2016