You Think You’ll Be Dead Broke After Graduating, But We Disagree

by Alexis Marie

Great article! Give it a read.

Unique Creations Company, Inc.

Dear Graduates: 

Congratulations! You’re graduating from college! After years of grueling homework, brutal semester finals, and complicated thesis papers, you’re about to walk across the graduating stage! You’ve earned this through your hard work and dedication. You’ve kept it together this long; and now is the time to be rewarded for your efforts! Once your graduation ceremony is over, you will no longer be mere college students, but instead, fresh faces in the business world! Now that you’ve received your degree in your concentration, job offers are going to pile in your inbox! You’re exactly what every company you’re interested in has been looking for, so be ready to be hired straight away! 

Best of luck to you! It’s okay to jump for joy—there’s much to be joyous about! The future is bright for you and already in the palms of your hands! 

Signed (With Lots of Love!), 

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