The Power of Media: the Impact of Social Media/Social Media Marketing w/Millennials

by Alexis Marie

Hey guys!
Been a while since I’ve posted anything, but I’ve got valid reasons!!!
One of them is the fact that The Petals that Fall recently became #2 for most reviewed fan fiction story in the whole Rein archive! (Yayyyyy!!!) It was such an awesome thing to find out and I am so happy to my readers and supporters. I couldn’t have done any of this without you guys, so thank you. Because of all that, I am one step closer to my dreams.
Another reason is the fact that I recently started a business internship! I am an intern @ Unique Creations company here in my town. It’s a pretty sweet marketing firm that also focuses on person growth with the employees. Everyone is really nice and so far I really like it. The President leads a double life (lol; no really; he even makes music and whatnot, and it’s really interesting, and speaking of which–2PM had a new song out and omg—-those oppas! But anyway—) I really like it.

So guess what I am in charge of?
Their wordpress!!! I write articles and post them on their site. I just started, and so I have the link here!

It’d be really effing cool if you guys peeped it and shit. Haha, I’m excited to be challenged in my writing career. And, I’m doing what I do best. Which is writing.

BTW, short haiku:

Oreo milkshake,
Oreo milkshake you are
really fucking good.

Anyways, going to leave this redirect up for my article here. Check it out guys!

Much love, your favorite writer,

Unique Creations Company, Inc.

There’s a social media statistic; it says that shared content can generate an average of up to 18 clicks, per content. To put it another way: sharing one link from your site to Facebook can result in an average of 18 people clicking on the link. Share three links and you’ve already caught the attention of 52 people. Share six links, and your site is booming. Especially if, out of those 18 people, three of them share your content on their own social media platform; it’s an endless cycle of site traffic, and if your content targets a specific group of individuals and that target market is responsible for all the generated reads, views, and shares of your content—you can consider that a mission accomplished.

Stated above is the concept of social media and social media marketing, and the impact they have in virtual customer environments and businesses. Social media is made up of applications of user generated…

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