by Alexis Marie

Hey, everyone! I’m wondering if you all have the time for a moment.

I’m producing a new anthology, called THE HOPE PROJECT.

THE HOPE PROJECT, as you know, is to be an anthology dealing with bullying, abuse, suicide, and depression in our generation. It seems as if lately, many teens have been the victims of these social epidemics, and we – the other writers and myself – feel that, because our generation is to take over after our elders have moved on, this is a very important issue. As a whole, our generation cannot live forward and become as strong as it needs to be with these issues being ever present. 

THE HOPE PROJECT’s aim is to raise awareness towards these issues. With voices of our generation, we feel as if speaking out will make the message much more clear. 

Light Switch Press is a free publishing company that seeks to give each book and author a chance to be published through its innovative program. Books through LSP are published as E-books, then printed as paperbacks when 100 e-books have been sold. 

Provided we remember to list each contributing author (which we shall do) LSP has agreed to publish THE HOPE PROJECT. 

We have already 20+ people whom wish to contribute to the cause, but we could always have more. 

A minimum of two pieces of writing (either personal experience, poetry, prose, etc.) and a maximum of six per contributor. Each contributor will be credited for their writing, and each contributor has the option of anonymity. 

The deadline to submit pieces is April 15th, 2014. After the pieces have all be compiled, they will be edited and organized into the book, and the manuscript sent to Light Switch Press. 

It is our goal to have this book published as soon as we possibly can. The more writers whom sign on, the better. Writers are to be teen – young adult, or no older than twenty-two.

If you’re interested, please e-mail me at for more information. We hope one of you stands with is in our cause. You won’t be disappointed!

Copyright of Marie Meyers, 2014. All rights reserved.