Screaming Anger at God is Crying to a Silent Sky

by Alexis Marie

He doesn’t answer,
when you come at him
with furrowed brows
and clenched fists,

voice raised
with venomous lilt,
teeth grit and vision red

demanding for the done to be

to be given more.

When the lot
you have been given,
rots away at
the last inklings
of happiness.

no one wants to be left
with this sorrow.

those who say
they accept the trial…
lie –

– because there’s no way
to accept such unhappiness
with a smile.

there’s no way…

and so I stand
in the center of a field,
tears streaming down
– angry,
because there’s no way I can accept this;

and look towards the sky,
and tell my God,
He hurts me.
I tell Him, I want it to end.

but my demand is my own undoing,
and He pretends He
doesn’t hear.

ⓒ Marie Meyers, 2014