heart and home

by Alexis Marie

I need a home.

For although I’ve been close,
there’s no cigar;
I’ve never had one.

They say home is
where the heart is –
if that’s the truth
I guess I live

But a home is where
one feels safe;
and yet,
is there such a thing
as safety nets
in loneliness?

An empty house is not a home;
A lonely heart is homeless.

Head on my pillow,
I rockabye;
my state of mind
is my cradle,
on the cusps of its control.

Can not I have a place
free of loneliness
before this tree branch

Before this tree branch breaks, and I tumble down it.

because I’ve got not
a place for my own.
because a lonely heart
is homeless.

An empty house
is not a home;
An empty heart
is lonesome.

And if House and Heart
are one the same,
then I must be
without them both.

ⓒ Marie Meyers, 2014