It’s Simply You

by Alexis Marie

Eyes soften,
gazing upon your sleeping countenance,

and I smile softly
at the sound of your
hard snores.

Very carefully, I slide the length
of my frame more underneath
the sheets.

Leveling my body with yours, I rest
my face against your cheek,
and embrace you.

I feel your warmth
beneath my fingers,
and I wonder:

Do you feel my heart’s tenderness,
as it gently
blankets you?

It isn’t love
that has me captured as
I’m lying next to you.

I’m a victim of your soft skin
and heavy stare;
fathomless. Penetrating.

Your gaze is far away,
and I wonder where
its gone

–your eyes,
with the glitter of the snow.

They’re smoldering,
and I just know

–it isn’t love
that has me captured
as I’m lying next to you.

I see the agony
that was once
in front your mind:

a lingering shadow
your eyes,

which you let through,
when you think
no one is watching.

With each breath,
you remember
everything you’ve lost.

And even though
my brain isn’t under
any chemical reactions…

my heart hammers
as side-effects of
your close proximity.

And while I can’t erase
the past
or resurrect the dead

–those parts of you that have been
ripped to shreds by demons
–would you want me to?

Although you regret
that which
you’ve lost,

would you forsake
all that you’ve

Would you
sacrifice who
you’ve become?

If you don’t get up
and fall,
what type of strength is it?

Is it

ⓒ Marie Meyers, 2013