My First Deadly Sin was Murder

by Alexis Marie

I killed a man last night.
I didn’t think it’d go so well.
 I hope my wife can’t tell.
I had planned it out
for quite some time
to go and kill a man.
So for over a month,
I waited and stalked
the bus stop across the street.

And then one night,
there stood an old man,
who was short and kind of pudgy;
so with a grin from ear to ear,
I crossed the street.
“Pardon me, sir,” I
said to the man,
“but do you have some time?
I need help to find
something in that dead end alley.”
And then the old man
–what a foolish old man!—
Looked up at me and replied,
“Well, young sir, I’d be delighted.”
So off we went, my victim and I,
to the alley next to the stop.
And as we walked
towards the end of it, I saw,
a big, green garbage bin.

“I think it’s in there,”
I casually stated,
 walking up to it fast,
“but why don’t you check,
there’s no harm in that
–and you’ll know if it’s there when you see it.”
The man walked to the bin,
peeked on his toes,
and opened up the lid.
While his back was turned,
I reached around,
and grabbed  the axe I hid.

I raised my hands high,
and thrust the axe down
onto the poor man’s neck!
His head dropped with a thump
and his body fell slack;

I laughed and I cheered,
for the old man was dead!
Much to my delight.

©Marie Meyers, 2013