Hades Wants His Sinner Back

by Alexis Marie

Worms, bags, bricks
–piling, suffocating, crushing our bones.
Paint, alcohol, needles
–huffing, drowning; poison in a bottle.
Oh, I think I’ve sinned, Lord.
Am I a sinner, Lord? 
Hatred meets almonds,
who will drink this poison,
and choke on this drugged drink?
Paint meets worm needles,
so let’s loose our minds!
We’ll inject worms in our arms while on upside down can highs
–And no one will need to know.
Knives, pens, tears
–carving, creating, salt in your eyes.
Matches, anger, chains
–blazing, destroying, darkness engulfing.
Oh, I’m drawn to your fallen darkness, Lord.
Oh, my thoughts, Lord!
Shall I be damned, Lord?
We’re all sinners, Lord!
Hatred meets almonds,
who will drink this posion,
and choke on their vomit?
‘Cause paint meets worm needles,
so if I’m gonna die,
I want to go huffing worms into my mind!
Oh, I think I’ve sinned, Lord.
Pricked my finger on a Hell’s rose, Lord.
I think I liked it, Lord.
Am I your condemned sinner, Lord?
Can you still hear me, Lord?
This is the part where throat meets matches and gasoline.

©Marie Meyers, 2013