Empty Phrases Don’t Fit In Cracked Hourglasses

Ashes to ashes,
 humans fall down.
Witches cackle;
 men turn into swine.
Meat is like wine;
it tastes better with age!
So taste a witch and choke in spit.
God’s laugh.
“To tase those things with blackened blood
–the bile that burns holes in your throat
–are you so unwilling to live as swine,
when you’ve lived as pigs for half your lives?
Did you gouge out your eyes,
so you could not see or face
the reality of all your foolish,
half-hearted decisions?
Oh, what fools you be!
Because of you, the earth shall flame.”
Ashes to ashes,
timbers crumble.
Burnt grass fused with burnt corpses.
Pass through the town,
and when you inhale
–can you taste burnt ham when you swallow?
This is the result of Mankind’s accumulated sins.

©Marie Meyers, 2013


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