Contamination Circus

by Alexis Marie

Hey, now, what’s the fuss?
Where you going, what’s your rush?
Come now, take your seats.
Welcome to Contamination Circus!
Our rabid tigers
and leper clowns
will mesmerize you with their frowns!
Step up now, don’t be shy.
See our magician’s trick;
the gift that keeps giving!
Come and see the ring leader,
his face a bulge with mouth cancer.
Come poke his boil, make it pop!
A fountain of puss for your mouth.
But that’s not the main attraction,
the main attraction is our lethal injection!
What’s your phobia,
spiders, snakes?
We’ll come and shoot them in your veins.
Like nicotine in your stream,
seven second is all we need.
Are you ready to scream?
Are you ready to die?
Your mind’s about to get murdered.
Strapped to a chair,
an electric bowl on your head,
our injection will intensify
your execution.
Do you understand now?
Your phobia is what the crowd paid for.
So ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls,
Welcome to the most homicidal circus on earth.

©Marie Meyers, 2013