by Alexis Marie

What are we now?
What were we before?
I try to see the line
But it’s just fine print and
it’s blurry, invisible ink fading,
and I lost that special light.
Give me a reason to say good-bye,
I can’t stand to turn away,
that’s why you have to say,
‘Cause you aren’t needed in my heart anymore.”
Just say good-bye.
I can hear laughter in your words
And You might think this is funny,
but you’re the only one who’s laughing.
And it’s hurting, the organ in my chest.
When I offered it to you, I didn’t want it back so bruised.
So is this where the tide has gone?
To drowing sandcastles,
grains pulled away from the sun.
What are we now?
What were we before?
I try to see the line,
but you can’t cut fog with a spoon and I
don’t have a knife,
Now I could just keep stumbling
ahead, with no clue of where I’m going,
but this path leads to the ocean
and when I’m so close to the pier
if I step too far,
feet first I will fall,
and drown in the current.
So say good-bye,
don’t keep me waiting.
If this is our last night
then let my tears spread their wings and fly.
Cause I didn’t mean much to you from the start.
What are we now?
I still don’t see,
so if you hold that knife,
please cut this fog for me.

©Marie Meyers, 2013