Wish and Faith (V. 2)

by Alexis Marie

What does it mean
to wish?
Is it just another word for dream?
Just a simile
for empty promises;
a synonym for broken dreams?

To whom invented such a word
did you know that
it would destroy humanity,
and become curse word
towards the world?

And when humanity
mainstreamed it, did they know
it would harden the hearts of humans,
and blind their eyes?

A unfulfilled promise;
shattered dreams,
and hopeless hope.

In a world meant for hope,
wishes don’t belong.
But maybe there are shooting stars, because hope is fleeting.

So what is faith for?

Is it the promise of Light;
of Love and freedom
we may obtain, if we can rise above
the war stains of the world;

Essence of truth, 
fulfilled promises;
goals not dreams;
That elevated feeling
only felt with belief.

©Marie Meyers, 2013