by Alexis Marie

I don’t know what to say or write right now,
but it’s no big deal; I’ll figure it out,
later I suppose when I’m laying down
and thinking back to what I’m writing now,
maybe I’ll even cry?

But like I said, it’s no big deal…
It’s just one of those days,
where something inside feels tight
and gives off a sickly feeling in my throat.

I’m expecting to do what I always do,
which is cry after I say,
good night to my sister and her husband.

But it’s no big deal,
the crying I mean,
but Cris still made a fuss, and asked me not too.

“Why are you mellow, sweetie?” he asked.
I told him I didn’t know.
It’s just one of those days
Putting me in one of those moods.

©Marie Meyers, 2013