by Alexis Marie

I always sleep with both eyes wide open
That way I can see the life that passes by my stare.
Time doesn’t slow for no one.
Time doesn’t slow for no one.
Reading the paper another life was stolen
With so many gone timelines, I wonder why we care.
Death doesn’t spare no one.
Death doesn’t spare no one.
Our hearts are bleeding.
The blood flow’s open,
out the little crevices of our
and we pray at invitation for God to let us have a retake,
but Life walks straight, ahead, all the time,
and sometimes too fast for our pace,
so we dig our heels in the the ground,
and we wiggle, and we wait,
but Life don’t stop for us, don’t look back, and doesn’t pause,
just flicks her wrists,
yanks on our chains,
and just like that
we’re forced to tarry on.

©Marie Meyers, 2013