by Alexis Marie

I once wrote that I wanted you to break my heart,
But that was before you invaded my heart,
And stole the keys to my box of secrets.
Knowing that you’ve become an open book,
To someone who really doesn’t love you,
Is such a heart wrenching feeling.
Do you notice how you don’t love me anymore?
I see it, everytime you look at me.
Baby, who are you pretending I am right now?
Is she beautiful?
Is she an angel?
Is she secretly your everything?
I want to tell you everything,
I want to show you how well you’ve “trained” me.
I’m such a good pet that I can cry on demand.
If I show you how obedient I’ve become,
Will you call me your good girl?
Will you give me a treat, and pretend to love me?
The lies are all I need, cuz they’re all I’ve ever gotten,
You’ll never know I see your dishonesty, cuz I won’t say a word,
So please, continue with making me cry.
If these tears are what give you a rise,
Quite honestly, I’m unsurprised
–what else is fucking new, anyway?

©Marie Meyers, 2013