Hold it in, and be Nothing but Strong

by Alexis Marie

Hold it in, child.
Because you are too beautiful to cry.
Your eyes glistening–
that start of salt droplets
sliding down your cheek.

Wait. Just a moment.
Remember, that there is good in your life,
even though the world is filled with bad.
There is still a light that shines down on you.
God, your Father, has not left you
in the darkness.

And though it seems that your life
has only been filled with pain,
someone still

those moments when your
eyes light up,
and your face shines.

Standing in the bathroom,
I look in the mirror.
The insecuries clear as day in my reflection,
I smile weakly.

Close my eyes.
Inhale to lock the pain away,
and open my eyes again,
exhaling and seeing
my feigned strength.

©Marie Meyers