Words are Weapons (Second Edit)

by Alexis Marie

Cock that trigger;
Russian roulette
with a full barrel.

(Words whisper,
“You can’t handle this sadness.”)

That dotted line was signed for war today;
That smiteful decree led
the nations’ flags to genocide.

(Words whisper,
“You are all alone.”)

Screaming and crying,
people topple like dominoes.
Their pleas floating up,
to be answered by no one.

(Words whisper,
“There will be no end to the madness.”)

The cannons blazed through the topsoil of hope;
the upturned debris of brick, leaves, and blood
–falling as soft as snow.

(Words whisper,
“We will never stop.”)

(Words whisper,
“Only you can save yourselves.”)

The flags fell
with no one to hold them.
Full of bullet holes,
they soaked into the graveyard.

Guns deep throated,
eyes met briefly.

Thoughts united:
This is the end.

Trigger pulled,
the guns all falling…


ⓒ Marie Meyers, 2013