Untitled (#?, First Edit)

by Alexis Marie

I wanna be more
than just a girl you know

–another one

of those Average Joes,
Plain Janes,
or even worse,
one day Jane Does…

this image in my mind,
where we flow through life so easily,

where the past is just
          the past
and not what makes
        the present
that defines you,
                     or defined you;
despite the harsh overtones of the root of Reality.

If only the cataclysmic epithanies
were just figments
of impracticalities…

But the past paves way
for a reason,
and makes up the present
so that the future
can identify
with who we are,

                         or so they say.

                But I?
            I just want
                 to be
            anything but
      human for a second;
  Change the game a little,
        rewrite the rules
      so there’s no losers.

Then give it all I got this inning,
and watch my chest swell at
my first,
real victory.

ⓒ Marie Meyers, 2013