DEAR YOU (first edit)

by Alexis Marie

I’ve never written you
a letter quite like this.
We still talk everyday,
but there is somethings
that have been missed.

We don’t talk how we used to,
ever since we fell apart–
We still talk about our lives,
but our emotions stay hidden
in little locked boxes tucked away;
in respective corners
of our respective space.

We don’t laugh with each other
like we once did;
we don’t touch, don’t stand
too close.
It’s as if we’re each other’s Icarus;
flying too close,
and getting burned.

So to keep the chariot from falling
straight into the sun,
we just leave it in the stables
for it to gather rust.

And when you say you miss a girl
I know you don’t mean me.
When you’re wishing you had someone to hold,
I know I’m not the “She”.
When you have those nights
you really don’t want to suffer through alone,
I know it’s not our times you think of
to calm the raging storm.

But sometimes I do.
Sometimes I wish,
that we were just as close.
But we aren’t now,
and might not ever be,
so all these things you’ll never know.