You (V. 1)

by Alexis Marie

For four years you lied to me.
Played me for a fool.
Told me that I mattered then said it wasn’t true.

You taught me that no matter how much you want someone to care, that doesn’t mean anything. No matter who says you can lean on them, they lie.
That those people are monsters,
and those who believe those monsters,
are the biggest ones of all.

That Sorry is just a word when there’s no action,
and that no human being is worth a million chances.

That no matter who is in one’s life, they will let them down. That trust is non existent,
because a person can only rely on themself.

No matter how hard it kills them.
No matter how much they try to be close to someone.

Or how long someone is there,
none of it will ever,
                               ever last.
That Life is about living in a hard world, where no one loves anyone.

This is what you taught me, the days you broke my heart.

(C) Marie Meyers, 2013