Take a deep breath in and

by Alexis Marie

let the right one in;
the corners of your heart.
Those crevices that have been anything
but not ripped apart.
No longer hide from the mirror,
afraid of your reflection and what you’ll see when you ask it who is fairest;

Don’t struggle to meet the standards of decency
–putting on a fake smile in the sunlight
created by cannabis and nicotine.
Just to end up on your patio with  a stogie in your hand,
playing a solo match of pool
and downing shots of honey whiskey.
Thinking to yourself, of all of your regrets—
to ere is human, to forgive is divine.
Listen to the men of history;
you’re gonna be alright.
To feel pain is human,
Winston Churchill didn’t lie.

(C) Marie Meyers, 2013