Black (First Edit)

by Alexis Marie

Black is the awful feeling you get inside sometimes,

when you’re in the kitchen and suddenly your brother-in-law is yelling in the hall,

and he comes in the kitchen and looks at you and says to move or else,

and you move, and then you look, and your little nephew is crying,

and you feel helpless, because you know why he’s crying.

When your brother-in-law makes your sister cry,

so you go to check on her, and you listen to her rant on and on,

about how she isn’t as perfect as she should be, and you want to yell,

and tell her she is the person she is and that she’s amazing,

But you don’t because you know she won’t listen.

It’s that awful feeling you get sometimes,

when you feel like everything is hopeless;

and you just want out,

but you have nowhere else to go.

(C) Marie Meyers, 2013