Little Thing Called Lust

by Alexis Marie

His back hit the door with a faint thud as he pressed her body against his. He groaned at the feeling of her fingers entangled in his hair as he cupped her chin and captured her lips with his own.

He should’ve felt ashamed, they both should have.

The kiss wasn’t laced with love like Kenman’skisses were. Leroy’s kiss was fierce and laced with desire, and it sent Mina’s mind reeling as she pulled at his hair, bringing his face closer to hers.

“Leroy,” she squeaked out when they broke the iron onslaught of kisses. “Leroy,” she whispered as he bent his head down to kiss at her neck.

They knew it was wrong, what they were doing.

“What time is Kenman cominghome?” Leroy asked with his face buried in Mina’s neck. “How much time do we have?”

“You should know; you’re his best friend,” Mina said quietly.

“I know that,” Leroy replied. “But my mind has been elsewhere lately. I can’t remember when he’ll be back, or if he even told me at all.”

“He’ll be home tomorrow evening,” Mina replied as her hands slipped from his hair to clutch at his jacket.

Leroy slipped his arms around Mina’s waist andshe in turn wrapped her legs around his torso as he walked with her into what was Mina’s and Kenman’s bedroom. Carefully, he laid her on the center of the bed. His body loomed over her as he pulled her face to him and kissed her once more.

They knew nothing would change. When Kenman returned, they both knew Mina would cling to him, and Leroy would resume his daily routine; so it wasn’t like they were in love or anything.

“Mina,” Leroy whispered as Mina’s hands stripped him of his jacket.

“Shhh,” Mina replied.

They just couldn’t help it, giving into the little thing called lust.

(C) Marie Meyers, 2013