“Lies!” that’s what you say.
“Lies!” that’s all you cry.
Spit in my face; hope that I die.
You walk away angry,
heart-broken, upset;
thinking I was only just joking,
you feel played and regret.

But I never lied,
never shifted my eyes
to the side, when you asked for
the truths of my heart,
I did give it; palms sweaty,
hands shaky, nervous; afraid
you would laugh, think me stupid
for feeling those ways.

I swore to you,
with my hand on the Bible
that bound us together;
our hearts both connected
–but you lied to me,
because you believed
in the whispers, the rumors you
promised you’d never give notice
as just cause to leave…

(C) Marie Meyers, 2013


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