Land of the Free

by Alexis Marie

Land of the Free,
Home of the Brave…?
what a withering slogan nowadays.
nation of deciet,
supporters of war,
livin’ in debt; streets filled
with the homeless;
kids go to the School of Hard Knocks,
become husslers
of the mind and the body
–in America, the only way
to survive.

money is everything,
and nobody got enough. government grossing,
it’s why people are dyin’,
but the government lyin’
is why the whole nation’s trying to riot.

Immigrants came,
once upon a time,
on a spoon to a melting pot,
to be free and feel brave;
’cause back then the slogan
was dressed to the nines.

now when people come over
the boarders and oceans,
the signs read:
“Land of the Lost,
Home to the Enslaved.”

pass the government’s tests,
and they’ll take your cash,
hard work and time,
blood, tears, and sweat;

and this is my home,
the land of dead justice
–where even its people
are tricks for its States.

(C) Marie Meyers, 2013