by Alexis Marie

We tumble down to the alter of God,
Light the candles and say,
Please be with me Father,
And He in turn blows out the candles,
To let us know the cathedral
can not be our Sanctum.

We stumble into the busy street,
Walking alongside traffic,
Cars honk their horns but we don’t listen,
We’re just dead men walking with blinded vision.

If there’s no more afterglow,
then how can our memories hold any meaning for us?
A sociopath sees their memories In the shade of Mundane Gray,
And we see our pasts In Watercolor Stain.

If the colors of our past is a mesh of an unidentifiable,
Then what about the present?
Is the future undesirable?
I can see why Melek held resent
for God’s mankind intent,
Because of His consent,
Humanity is unsurvivable.

We live and let ourselves die,
From the inward out,
And only when we’re dying on the outside
Is when life on earth is peaceful.

If man destroys themselves,
And we’re too wicked for God’s salvation,
Then who can bring me redemption
As this pain becomes unbearable?
Before Death comes and takes me,
Will my soul be saved?
Or will I be hauled away,
A dying sheep among a slaughter?

The words: “Forgive me, Father,
I could not find pentance for my sins”
Shall be worded on my epitaph.

Dear God,
if You deny my soul Your paradise,
please cry for me.