I’ve Known Mothers

by Alexis Marie

I’ve known mothers.
I had one, once.
And now she’s in my heart.

I’ve seen old mothers,
young mothers;
Mothers who always do right,
or always do wrongs

–all struggling to pave a road
for their children.
All struggling to lead the way.

But I’m afraid,
because I don’t want my struggle
to erase my memory
from my child’s heart.

The mother I once had
taught me that it’s okay
to grow up,
and aspire to do all things in the world

To wait to be ready,
until I’m not a child too.

So someday when I’m older,
when I have seen the world
and made my dreams come true

–in those days I’ll be ready
to become a child’s memory.


copyright Marie Meyers, 2013