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Untitled 4/23/17

trying to gather up the pieces of my heart that have been scattered everywhere, will you take a heart with mismatched pieces? fingers glued together, late nights of gentle tending, will you take a heart with shattered pieces? The words “All I Am,” razor sharp, prickling, bleeding – Will you accept a heart with broken …


So, no current news for writing or anything like that. Just a quick rant I suppose. I realize that in the past 3 years I have gone through a lot of shit. Like, if my writing pieces are any indication a lot of shit has been happening. I’ve been trying to make sense of everything …

Marie Meyer’s Erotica Collection

Original and erotic short stories, poetry, and prose written by Marie Meyers; some posts under the guise of fictional rope bunny submissive, Junipyr Lee. Please note that all works contain various elements of fantasy kinks, bondage kinks, etc., and are explicit in nature and diction. New works constantly uploaded. All works are fictional and not based on any real persons, dead or living. Works intended for readers 18+ and may contain triggers for some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

  1. House Visit
  2. NSFW
  3. Doctor
  4. The Master’s Arrival I
  5. The Mater’s Arrival II: Ben Wa, Burmese Bells
  6. The Master’s Arrival III: Spanking

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