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August, 2015


For the last several years, writing has been a passion of mine and something that I love to do. The first thing I ever wrote was a small collection of poems about the seasons for my mother. I started writing children stories for my niece and nephews and wrote one for a sixth grade International Club project, where stories we wrote were being sent to another country. In 2008 I joined MyWritersCircle, a writing forum where you can share your work, receive feedback, and engage in active conversations and other opportunities that help to strengthen your skills as a writer. This was the same year I started writing fanfiction. My first successful fan fiction was Vampire Knight, the Desirable Climax: The Expected Romance, which I posted on in 2008, after the anime started to air in Japan. It was a novella which has since been removed.

In 2010, I wrote a poem called Slap, which was published in the March issue of Teen Ink’s monthly magazine, under my real name. I also was published every year starting from my sophomore year in my high school literary magazines. My first publicized short story in these magazines was called “Agatha”, a short ghost story (which is currently being edited to be posted to this site). I’ve had multiple pen names, including Reiko Hasagawa, Evelyn Graye Stone, Envii Stone, Quartet Zaelyn, and Oreo Cafe. The pen name Marie Meyers is in honor of my adoptive mother, Doris Meyer.

October, 2016

In the 2013-2014 year, I published what has been my most successful fan fiction to date, a Reign fan fic called The Petals that Fall. I am currently working on the sequel. As of 2016, I am currently rewriting The Petals that Fall, Book I. I am also a beta reader/writer on, and have worked with a few writers in the development and publication of their stories.

With my writing career, I plan to become a published author, editor, and publicist.

I also interned for Unique Creations Company in Saint Louis as the content writer for their wordpress and SEO manager from Dec. 2015 – May 2016.

Beginning 2017, I will be working part-time, managing this site, and attending college for Business Administration. I am currently taking courses for NALP certification and event planning.

(Oh, and when I’m not writing, getting prepared for college, or working, I like to spend hours on social media sites, listen to my favorite music on repeat, and munch on caramel popcorn while taking risqué photos with my adorable cat, Cat; and yes, that is her name.)

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